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These menus are just examples of our wedding catering and can be crafted in other ways to suit your wedding day.

Option 3


Coffee and Tea served with short bread on the side
Champaign or sparkling wine that client supplies – We serve (glasses extra)

Challas charcoal BBQ starters/nibbles

Choose any 2 from the 5 starters below:

“Hoender Sosaties” Mini marinated chicken curry skewers with apricot & red onion
“Boere wors” South African style beef sausage on cocktail sticks with Challas home made tomato chutney.
Pork sausage with our home made marinade on a cocktail stick
Marinated prawn skewers with red peppers
A vegetarian skewer with olive oil and our homemade veggie spices

Served in palm leaf boats (Optional)


Challas Marinated Pork legs + Whole chickens

Pesto broccoli salad with tomatoes, rocket and feta cheese
Rosemary roast baby potatoes cooked in the spit in meat juices
Our famous Crispy Coleslaw

Included with packages:

Breads + Butter + White + Granary + Cheesy + Seeded rolls + Wraps
3 x Homemade Sauces
Palm leaf or china plates + S/steel cutlery + disposable napkins


Choose any 1 dessert from the 4 desserts below:

Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart
Nutella Cream Cheese Tart
Biscuit Base Milk Tart
Citrus & Vanilla Cheesecake

Served in palm leaf + S/S Cut. + Napkins (Optional)

Coffee and Tea served with short bread on the side

Shared Platter Total = £3100 for 80 people

If you would like us to supply option for vegetarians, table linen, glasses, evening buffets, Rustic African bar hire, etc, please let us know.

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